Thursday, November 26, 2015

Chea Yee's birthday 2015

Another year has passed. I am one year older, and I have to live accordingly...

Dai, being a typical male, asked why am I so particular about my birthday... (so I gave him the evil eye).

Dear Dai, perhaps you will never understand it.....

But ALL females are particular about their birthdays... any female who doesn't, is either not female, or she is lying. That also explains why we do well as mothers. I cant imagine a dad really putting any thought or planning in throwing his children a birthday party.

His idea of a birthday party maybe to kick a ball around, and have a few beers with his mates.. tsk tsk tsk. Every year that I live, is another year to praise God for the life that He has given me.

Savoury KFC "birthday cake" by Jessica Yu.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Is God Truly the One You want?

My birthday is fast approaching... 
And one of the things that really concerns me is that my age is getting older and yet I am still single.

Wednesday, November 04, 2015

House Inspection Wednesday.

I can't remember how many days I've been back to Sydney, but it's coming into my third week now

Today was house inspection Wednesday. I've decided to push all my house inspections to the weekdays so I can have some weekend time free.

I've been checking up rental properties on the rental site, Domain, and managed to catch three properties to view today.

It so happened today a mate from Lentils had some time off, so he came to look for me in Belmore.

The first property we checked was located in Hurlstone Park. It had three bedrooms, a separate lounge, kitchen, dining area, and a backyard. It was not a fancy place, more colonial. My mate fell in love with it the moment he saw it. The rent was $850.

We drove by the second, and third rental properties, but did not wait for inspection times. From inspecting the exterior of the second home, located in Dulwich Hill, my Lentils mate didn't like it coz the backyard just looked terrible... The rent was $620.

The third property was located in Peters ham. It had a much better looking backyard, but the front yard looked really dingy and not inviting, and there was some pathwork in process. The rent was $730.

Out of the three places, my Lentil mate loved the first property, though he said the rent was a little steep. I thought the price was okay, if compared to the prices in Leichhardt, or Marrickville.


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