Friday, August 28, 2015

His Beauty For My Ashes.

Today was my second day working at the japanese noodle bar. It was fairly hectic as I am still training and trying to learn the ropes. I was fairly exhausted after my shift so I headed home to rest after work. In terms of dynamics, working on the floor is challenging more mentally as you need to be alert to the needs of the customers as compared to the routines in the kitchen.

 I realised tonight was the first time I no longer dwelt on my problems, and instead I had that sense of peace and freedom in my heart after so many weeks. God has finally shown me the truth, and I have been set free indeed! (John 8:32)

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Entering a new season.

Today I enter into the season of my first official day of work on the floor at a Japanese Noodle bar in Campsie.

The noodle bar runs like any other, just that it has electronic dockets, and uses a screen to take orders. There are three staff on the floor, and each staff has their own role. There's about six kitchen staff, with one a Vietnamese Chinese, and two others from Vietnamese background. 

I started work on the floor at about 10.20 and finished around 15:00. Before finishing work, I had to go to every  staff and greet each person to let them know that I was 'checking out' in Japanese. Then we had 'makanai', or staff lunch, and all the staff sat down together to have lunch. I was seriously hungry.... For lunch today, it was something similar to a Sashimi Don. (yes, sashimi...)

Monday, August 24, 2015

Pruning the dead twigs in my heart

I've been on my own in the last week. In the last few days, I've been watching a  number of Joyce Meyer YouTube videos.

Joyce Meyer is an American preacher, who has a her own television network and series of Christian teaching resources.

Joyce Meyer:
Living in God's Timing (Part 1).


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